Found 21st Dec 2010
wondering who you guys would recommend for disneyworld tickets, off on the 3rd of jan and may have to cancel the ones we've bought (from attraction tickets direct) as they were supposed to have been delivered by now and they've not even made it to the courier yet.


i always buy mine from floridatix

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i was going to buy from foridatix but they are much dearer than the rest and they wouldn't price match. plus they "slagged off" florida escapes who are the cheapest. not very professional attitude from the sales rep i spoke to

i've never had that experience, i've always found them to be comparable in price and i've always booked online so no sales assistants to contend with....

.... i've also booked tickets from fleabay, from americans, i've opened my search to worldwide and found some good deals.... bought a universal annual pass for £60 (was in Florida in October)

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floridatix were over £100 dearer when i looked. they said we price match but only to reputable companies, strangely enough all of the companies recommended on thedibb and who were cheaper than floridatix weren't reputable.

I got mine from back in Sept, they were the cheapest then and tickets came and worked fine.

I am in Florida as we speak I will have a look today at the priced for you from some vendors here. I would advise you to bring a warm jacket as it's unseasonably cool in the evenings. It's rainging about 22-24 degrees in the day but drops after 6pm. Universal harry potter ride is amazing best one yet we managed to go on it Friday. Good job as yesterday at 9.20 am it had a 3 hr wait !! Enjoy and hope Manchester airport is closed on the 30th dec as don't want to come home !!

have you phoned them, used them twice before and service has always been great. go over to the and get some info on ticket suppliers.

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finally got through to them this morning, they apologised for the delay (couldn't see why there was a delay though) and promised faithfully that they would be with the courier (DX) tonight. but TBH thats what they told me a week ago. if they're not here by friday i'll have to get a refund and get them somewhere else.
as for the weather in florida twoangels when we went same time last year the first 10 days the temperature never made it past 5degrees in the day and it was below zero every night, last 4 days it was high 20s. the coldest jan in over 90 years according to the news there. so its positively balmy there atm lol

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still not here
spoke to the DX guy this morning and he told me that they have no delays in their system and IF atd had passed them onto DX last night then he'd have delivered them this morning. so more broken promises from ATD

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well surprise, surprise they never arrived. rang DX earlier and was told they don't have them. so either ATD or DX are lieing
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