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    Can't seem to get my display picture working

    I can see it in my profile, but as soon as i look at it within the forums i just have the default hukd picture. anyone know what the problem might be?! cant see why it would work in one place but not the other


    Are u sure u haven't change ur profile picture instead of Avatar?

    Cos it's the Avatar u need to change...

    Yeah that's what u've dun... looked at ur profile and saw Columbo... so change ur Avatar...

    That's what I do... Check out the situation like Columbo

    lol :P

    Original Poster

    ah i see! i'm an idiot. i thought the profile picture would show in the forums! thanks!

    just one more question...

    okay i don't have one really...

    Lol... yeah it's weird... don't know why we have profile pics... pointless
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