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Found 11th Jan 2011
I have a new HP laptop from work and it has a displayport about the size of a normal usb port (therefore not displayport mini) and wondered if a displayport to hdmi cable can be used to plug into a HDTV, does it carry sound and picture or picture only etc.

Will there be any issues with long cable lengths, and where can they be bought ?

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I use this, gotten adaptor on flea bay, perfect picture and also sound which is really good, I would 100% recommend it..!
I had a 10 meter hdmi cable and had no issues...

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thanks but no link, can you add

Sorry, I checked me flea bay purchases but was last year and flea bay won't allow me go back that far.

they are all hdmi 1.3 so get the cheapest one u can,
i would recommend gold plate
but still under £5

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Thanks, i have ordered an adaptor off ebay.
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