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Found 6th Jul 2008
going on holiday in three days and i need some disposable cameras, does anyone know anywhere i can get them for CHEAP

cheapest o far is £3.60 for 2 in superdrug
thanks in advance
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do they not do them in poundland??
not looked there

6 for 3.99 plus £3.95 p & p silver or pink 24 ex 400asa:thumbsup:

might be able to use FF15 for discount - not sure whether its still working
cheapest isnt always best . Having worked for many years on a kodak photo lab in tesco's. The cheapy ones are recycled cameras as when we get the film out we always would save the camera to send off to be recycled. This can cause a problem as the cameras arent properly sealed . The new film is loaded in and the hole is often only covered with like black electrical tape. Very often this would get damaged or wasnt done properly in the first place thus exposing the film to light. Even a miniscule amount can permanently damaged the unprocessed film.
I ALWAYS advise only buy a fuji or kodak original disposable teh otehrs you are taking a chance with
well if you are gonna go with the kodak instead of the cheap ones theres this mymemory.co.uk/Dis…ack which is a 3 pack and you get 39 piccies on each camera
i recommend boots own ones had them for my wedding tables photos excellent
Wilkinsons instore were 75p each ?

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