Disposable Razors with removable heads

Found 11th Feb 2018
Hi All,
I've looking for some really cheap disposable razors where you can remove the razor heads and reattach them.
So far all the ones i've looked at are fixed head razors which you cant take apart,
They don't have to be super fantastic, just as long as they can work ok. Only need them for light occasional use.

Used to get the superdrug own brand razors but they don't do them any more, they were fantastic as they whole head used to clip off meaning i only need to keep 2 handles and around 5 to 10 heads.

Does anyone know any supermarkets that do something similar?

P.S. Does'nt matter if they are mens or womens razors
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Wilko do their own brand for £2 currently, with replacement blades also for £2 (pack of 5 or 6.

Haven’t used them so can’t say much else
I stick with mach 3 and you can get cheap plastic handles or the better made metal handles for the heads. I have tried the cheaper supermarket own brands but find I cut myself to easily with them. Better off sticking with a brand you get on with but watch out for good deals. Don't think I spend £30 a year on shaving kit,all in.. Not much to pay I think. Hardly worth cutting yourself up to save a few £s
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Gillete disposable razors. Normally around £2+ for a pack of 4. Currently on offer at co-op for £1 a pack. Seen in two of my locals yesterday and today.
More expensive blades last longer than cheap disposable ones, get them on offer and do a test
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