Posted 8th Jul 2020
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Half Price. Instore only…751
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  1. Mendoza's avatar
    you should have probably clicked the link, you’d then know they’re just £1
  2. AndyRoyd's avatar
    Gloves in OP title; facemasks in OP text. Let's guess the on-topic topic.
  3. Misslovely's avatar
    Wow amazing price if found
  4. Toon_army's avatar
    I normally pay about £4 for 100 for when I'm valeting, horrible when you remove them and the water drips off
  5. Gollywood's avatar
    Good price but I don't think these are powder free which I prefer
  6. Misslovely's avatar
    Mendoza09/07/2020 00:50

    you should have probably clicked the link, you’d then know they’re just £1

  7. srb_'s avatar
    Near impossible to get
  8. Jay91's avatar
    Im not a big fan of the vinyl gloves, they are essentially the gloves you get at petrol stations when filling fuel.
    The price may be a higher for latex or nitrile but for comfort and safety i prefer to use them.
    You can use a hairband or elastic rubber band to secure vinyl gloves on your hands a bit better. Heads up, my hands are fairly big, typically medium latex gloves would be a tad small, but vinyl medium gloves are almost double the size of my hands.

    Though the price found is amazing. (edited)
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