Disposable Whitegoods

    :-( Seems washing machines are now going the same way as toasters etc, uneconomical to repair and cheaper to buy a new one.

    Invested in AEG washing machine 5 yrs ago, more expensive than other brands but previous AEG lasted 15 yrs so I was happy it was a good brand :-D :w00t: :-D

    Washer died this week, chap came out - diagnosed motor gone - £250 to replace and fit. Circuit board may also be knackered, total £350 all in for both if needed.

    Never had warranties, also it is older than 5yrs. Does not make economic sense to repair it. ?? More economical to buy cheap machine, £199 and put 5 yr warranty on it, then get rid when it fails after 5 yrs and replace it :thinking:


    Depends on the amount of use you are going to give it,and the cost of the 5 year warranty. We bought a Meile automatic washer and then added a !0year[a deal was on at the time] warranty on top. WE put 2/3 set's of dirty overalls through it every night, plus the normal laundry, so we think it was worth paying the extra for a top make plus warranty.
    Hope this helps you:)

    Quite often the 5 year warranties are parts only and you have to use their own expensive tradesmen to do the repairs I believe which can make it just as expensive as buying the part yourself and paying someone local.

    i believe the warranty especially for a washing machine is well worth it

    it is the most likely white good to break down

    mine did guy came out swapped the drum (the WHOLE drum)

    i asked him how much if we didnt have insurance £250 or so he said

    the insurance costs like £50

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    Just miffed cause does not seem to matter what brand you buy anymore, they don't make 'em reliable and only the insurance companies profit.

    AND we are de-skilling an entire generation of washer engineers who used to able to take things apart and fix 'em...not anymore its whole components and the machine computer tells them whats wrong, don't even get their hands dirty.

    Goes against my religion - warranties. Suppose will just have to pay up and look happy.
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