Disputing eBay transaction through the bank experience?

Posted 6th Jan 2023 (Posted 23 m ago)
Ordered Xbox live codes on eBay in October, seller sent me the codes, first code work and every subsequent code after that does not exist but I am out of the return period now due to the first code working and the other codes not being needed until now as the first one has expired.

Contacted eBay who said I am not eligible for a refund despite the seller now having 30+ negative feedback from other people in my situation and clearly being a scammer.

I’ve already opened a dispute through my bank but just wondering what to expect from people that have had similar issues with eBay?
I assume eBay are gonna end up banning my account over this?
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    Did you not pay using Paypal?
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    Not been successful in disputing a direct bank-account-funded transaction through bank unless clearly fraud.

    Chargeback via a bank debit card payment routinely successful within 120days from transaction.

    PayPal buyer poortection usually good for 180days for two specific scenarios of item not received or significantly not as described, but may not apply to intangible items (not read PayPal's hilarious poortection terms for a while).

    S75 always successful but won't apply here.
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