Dissapearing deals?? GoodsInBox

    Just saw a deal for a Panasonic TV @ GoodsInBox, checked out there site then returned to HDUK to find the deal link has dissapeared?? Made me wonder if this was removed as it had been posted previously? or would there be any other reason??

    New member and loving the deals, keep em coming!


    My bad - not UK and no contact details. Removed as it should have been

    Also very high likelyhood that it was a scam site. Prices were just too good to be true and the Verisign logo wasn't clickable.

    On a legitimate site this logo can be clicked to query Verisign and confirm the sites authenticity. If you click it and nothing happens then walk away!

    Original Poster

    Ahh ok, thought the site looked a bit sus...

    Thanks, Lee..
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