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Found 3rd May 2010
Looking for a good A level business studies course to do at home
Has anyone done one of these or a different course by any of the following:
Distance Learning Centre - £350 1 or 2 years 700 hours study
ICS Learn £319 and 10% discount and 18 months
Uk Open Learning £395 and 16% discount 200 hours study

Prices are pretty similar but and it looks like its all the same content, does any of the 3 above offer great support?

Thanks in advance

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have you looked at hte open university?? very good imo

Or you could do an Open University Foundation Degree in Business www3.open.ac.uk/stu…htm I think you can use Tesco clubcard deals to get some money off if you have some spare vouchers.

I'm using the OU for my degree in Psychology. Recently started it and its extrememly good. Course material is excellent. tutor support is very good indeed. My tutor is a lecturer at a university in cumbria at the moment but has worked in various uni's. Tutor support varies from course to course though so its defo something you should look to get more info about if thats something you feel you need.

It's obviously a lot cheaper than 'fixed building' universities for obvious reasons however it is basically the same work that you cover and marked to the same standard. Something that many people dont really understand.

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Thanks for the info,i should mention that i have a few GCSE's but not in Business and think i would be able to do an A level but not sure about anything higher than that might be a bit much. Just looked at the link and its seems a bit confusing, cant find a price for it? .... still having a read of it

The OpenLearn website also gives free access to Open University course materials.

Maybe the Diploma in Business studies would be better? www3.open.ac.uk/stu…htm or www3.open.ac.uk/stu…htm It looks like they aare designed for people who haven't studied Business studies before.
Or maybe you could try your local college?
If you go for one of the others you were looking at, I'm sure a quick google will bring up some reviews which could help you make your decision.

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i think i understand OU a bit better, so to get the degree you have to do so many courses? think thats a bit out of my limit for now considering i havent done any work in it before but definately a considerration for the future!

I did an A level through ICS and they were pretty good

I advise this;

Buy textbooks
Book exam in nearby college

Very Easy Course

star im doing a degree at the mo with the ou, im 34 later this year and still have a couple of years to go with the degree, i say do it, it can only help! It also fills out cv's and shows you can knuckle down and commit to something


Hi LP, yes I know, it's just choosing what to do:thumbsup: I'm thinking … Hi LP, yes I know, it's just choosing what to do:thumbsup: I'm thinking english, 'cos if anything it's something to do and like you say, looks good on the CV.Well done you btw:thumbsup:

you can do an 'open degree' which can be a mix of different courses
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