Posted 22nd Dec 2018

Tried Google and previous 'Ask' questions but unable to come up with answer so good people on this site may be able to help

I bought a Stoves oven online, had it installed but I don't feel it is appropriate for many reasons - some may be personal preference. I personally don't like to press the gas dial for hob for up to 20 seconds to ignite or it cuts out when it ignites, the fan is loud, the gas hobs are not very powerful, etc.

Some of these issues are only identifiable when installed as very little information or internet and no display models anywhere ( I tried).

I have asked Stoves (manufacturer) to see If i am doing anything wrong or got it installed wrong but they went on the defence and said that is how it supposed to be, personally I don't believe them, thanks to this site you identify truths and untruths quite quickly in conversations.

Irrespective of the reasons what are my rights to return the oven? It’s been less than 10 days of receipt and installed and I have told the company that I want to return but they said only if faulty. I am pretty sure they are incorrect but would like your opinion.

Thanks and Merry Christmas in advance.
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