Div-X DVD player

    Anybody know of any deals on a decent DVD player that supports Div-X? I'm not looking to spend more than £100 ideally. Am I being unrealistic?


    Hi Morganjake

    This Iisonic seems a pretty good player for the money, it has progressive scan and even a USB input so you can link up external hard disks and portable media players.

    Only £32, sadly the postage is overpriced at £8.60. So the total is £40.60.…=36

    Or there's this one from for £39.99 plus postage, it has progressive scan, but no USB port.…tml


    Should mention that the Iisonic isn't available till Monday.


    there are some good ones on

    you will want one that plays divx, if you have upto £100 then get one with coaxial output, 2 scarts, dts, multiregion. the scan ellion dvd players on that site are very good!

    Two things to remember when byuing DivX player:

    1. All players are using reference design (with very minor changes) from chipset makers. There are ESS, MTK, Zoran, Sigma and Sunplus. So inside they are almost identical. However, see 2
    2. Avoid unheard-of manufacturers like plague. Not because of quality but rather because of lack of support. For DivX players firmware updates are crucial.

    I have two players: Yamada DVX-6100 (ESS chipset) and AndrewBoss 2920 (MTK chipset). Yamada support is cr*p. AndrewBoss is good but then their players are hard to get and, TBH, nothing special.
    Another one to consider is Kiss. They have a very good history and in fact they were the first company in the world to develop DVD-Divx player. Expensive though.

    If you want to get player using latest chipset, then look for Nero Digital support in tech spec. For example, Kiss DP1100.

    Another things to consider are: Network connectivity, internal hard drive, ability to record.

    yeah, divx 6, h.264 and other HD codecs support, but these will only be on more expensive models.

    the scan ellion players play pretty much anything, regular firmware updates, price is good for the quality.

    Can't find any Ellion players on their website - it only shows recorders?

    yeah, think they have stopped doing them now as cheap divx player are everywhere they prob werent selling that many.

    these best one for the money is £105:…969

    Not familiar with this model but you probably right - good value. But then Samsung 122 is only 10 quid more (if you add delivery). 130 quid from here:…122

    Kiss DP-1500 is also very interesting machine:…ner

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    Thanks for your input everyone.
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