Diving in Marsa Alam Egypt?

    I have decided to go to a resort in Marsa Alam for 2 weeks with the girlfriend in April and we can both dive. I was just wondering whether anyone has ever visited some of the dive sites near Marsa Alam and can shed any light on the quality of them?
    I know there are quite well known ones such as Shaab Samadai (Dolphinhouse) and Abu Dabab, and Elphinstone (which we aren't qualified enough to do apparently! :@)

    Just wondered what people thought....?



    Marsa Alam is where that woman was killed by a shark so you better hope they've sorted the "situation" before then X)

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    I thought that was in Sharm, anyway it's not like it happens very often.

    Just avoid Harm el Shark and you'll be fine


    I thought that was in Sharm, anyway it's not like it happens very often.

    Yeah, the first ones were in Sharm, the most recent was in Marsa Alam.

    you are going to need a bigger boat !

    just like jaws ripped off the old womans arm dont go !!!


    I thought that was in Sharm, anyway it's not like it happens very often.

    I suppose if it happens to you it only needs to happen once?

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    Is there anyone that can answer the question, or are people just scared of a little shark.

    I go each year. Marsa is the best diving by far. Worth doing the advanced so you can do elphinstone. We saw an oceanic whitetip whilst we were there.Coming straight at us and eating the smb's. She was about 11ft or so
    we saw dugongs, dolphins (5) and 3 reef sharks. Turtles everywhere. There was something big on every dive. We used emperor in port ghalib and they are excellent - ask for vicky, she knows where all the sharks are. Most of the dives are quite close to shore, so no long trips out to reefs or pinacles in the middle of the choppy sea
    not much to do in the evening but port ghalib seems to be picking up with the night life
    I go for the sharks, not bothered about them eating russians or germans !!

    I go every year but just up the coast in Dahab, truly fantastic diving especially the blue hole and hells bells, my biggest tip is dont go with any dive school that caters to the russians or dive near the live aboards used by russians, they have a habit of feeding the sharks to makes dives more exciting!!! which as you can imagine isnt that wise, its one thing feeding morays and huge groupers, but sharks erm no. Sadly some people think white tips are harmless, and I have dived with them but they are unpredictable fish and best avoided if your not a proficient diver.

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    thanks for giving me some idea, I think we're making the right choice to go to Marsa Alam.

    Worth doing the advanced so you can do elphinstone

    Just through the videos on youtube it looks like an amazing dive, but the hotel we're looking at staying at (Brayka Bay) requires you to have done Advanced AND 50 dives! What resort did you stay at? I might have a look at it if it'll let us do Elphinstone with just Advanced? Thank-you!

    go to emperor divers in port ghalib. we stayed at the three corners fayrouz, they have a dive company on site but we had already booked with emperor
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