Divx 1TB Media player Which do you use??

    I've tried loads of HD players for my growing divx collection but never really been happy.
    I've used:

    Aqua Media Player
    Tvix 5100SH
    Aqua Zengo

    Right now I'm using the zengo due to the full file names and the fact it plays most of my files.

    What do you use and do you recommend it.


    I know its a lot of money but the Archos 605 with the TV dock and Querty remote is fantastic for media playback and if you run out of space you can plug an external HDD into the dock ,So in theory you could just use a 4gb model and a usb drive

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    Any big collectors out there what do you use?


    360 xbox with portable harddrive


    Take a hell o a lot of usb drives to get to 1TB!!!! :whistling: :roll:

    Sorry meant external USB HDD

    My puter, with 5m s-video lead hooked up to the TV and 5m 3.5'' to phono lead hooked up to hif-fi.

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    Seems the best way is probably to use a laptop on the coffee table neatly wired under the carpet, close to the sofa, though money no object surely theres something that works without codec problems, skipping etc and with a nice remote

    I use my 360 & a 1TB external HDD - works a treat

    I use a PC as well, an old P3 laptop for less intensive stuff and a Dell Studio Hybrid for more intensive work. The machines have a lot of flexibility as they can run just about anything including Iplayer and 4oD, as well as media sharing, webserver etc.


    I got a Zin-5003 media player that can play avi, mp4 and other standard format. On top of that, rm/rmvb format. It support avi/srt subtitle format which work perfectly. It also got a HDMI output and ability to work as bittorent server. You can find more info here.…pdf . You can connect it to the network and play your media over the network or connect a usb storage to play your media.
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