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    I'm considering getting a DivX DVD Player (preferably with HDMI output), now I have found the following as the cheapest:…018 DivX DVD Player for £39 + (from) £7.40 delivery.…018 DivX DVD Player (WITH HDMI Output) for £58 + (from) £8.70 delivery.

    I am however, unfamiliar with Pixmania - has anybody ever used them before? Also, would either of these support XviD?

    If you can suggest offers elsewhere also, I would be interested - also, as I am visiting a computer show at the weekend, is it likely that there would be any on sale there?

    Thank you :thumbsup:


    Lowest on the web have the Philips DVP5960 for £49.98, it had DivX and HDMI.…/05

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    Thanks, is anyone able to provide any other/better deals?

    The DivX players from LIDL were excellent and only £30 - but no tellign when they'll next be on sale - they even play from SD Cards

    philips dvd players has 1 year lifespan then lasers wear out

    If you have a HDTV, get a HDMI player, it makes quiet a difference, compared to Scart.

    If you want a low budget DIVX player - try BIOSTEK XS-250 Pro DVD Player
    - which is just £19!…180

    However, I just got a TOSHIBA SD-270E DVD PLAYER. I ordered it yesterday, and it arrived today - it is £29!…008

    I went for the Toshiba (I had more faith in the brand). I have spent the morning feeding it DVDs, MP3s, DIVX movies, DVD Copies - and it plays the lot.
    It is not multi-region yet (it is a new player), but I'm sure some "hacks" will soon be available on the web!

    how do u play divx on a usb?!

    Im looking for one of these also, however I want one that can play the most file types. divx versions etc.

    multi region or an easy unlock code to make multi region.

    Dont mind spending upto 50 quid for a model that would hopfully last and play all the avi, divx & xvids I could throw at it

    maybe one where you can updated firmware(read a very little). I dont know about updating the firmware but I sure that one that this can be done to or is supported would be able to be upgraded to accept later formats/features.

    someone I know had one from Lidi last time but it plays Green...yea a green coloured picture.


    Pay a little extra to get the Sony NS76 (£70). Perfect for DIVX/XVID and upscales via HDMI too. Superb picture.

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    Thanks to everyone who replied, I meant to mention earlier though that I unfortunately no longer have the space, so I won't be able to get one after all.

    I appreciate everyone's contributions though, thank you


    Lowest on the web have the Philips DVP5960 for £49.98, it had DivX and … Lowest on the web have the Philips DVP5960 for £49.98, it had DivX and HDMI.

    Just noticed this today on Hot Deals Main site!…376
    Philips DVD 5960 hdmi, HD - upscaling, divx player (in store only @ Sainsburys) £33.49.
    From reading the forums it seems there is a variation in price from store to store. So shop around if you can. Good Luck!
    Let us know how good these machines are please.

    If no luck with that great one from Sainsbury's, Argos are doing DivX players for £30!
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