DivX DVD Recorder Needed

Nope, not a player that records to DivX format as the title would imply, but quite simply a standard DVD recorder which has MPEG-4/DivX/XviD etc playback.

I purchased a Sumvision SV-1000 for my parents for Christmas after reading a few promising reviews, but it didn't live up to expectations at all - the general audio output is abnormally quiet, the remote control is pretty dire, unless you're aiming it directly at the player it doesn't respond, and even then it's 50/50, it outputs an odd noise every 30 seconds or no (not that loud, but still irritating) and the final straw is the fact that whilst playing DivX files, after a while it's almost like the player runs out of memory, the sound pretty much dissapears, it's extremely quiet and extremely crackily and doesn't sort itself out until the player's restarted.

My dad's spoke to his best mate and my uncle and has now got it into his head that he absolutely has to have a top brand, like a Sony DVD player, despite me telling him numerous times it won't play DivX files, and is generally extremely fussy about the media it plays, but he's not really having it... Thankfully my mum's a little more open minded and realises it's utterly nessecary to be able to play the DivX files and will go with whatever player I pick, but I want it to be pretty much spot on just to keep my dad happy, and of course to prove him wrong

I've looked around a few sites but haven't really found anything other than a Yamada player which has recieved pretty poor reviews, I'm not really sure I'd want to get that one. I guess I could always return this back to Savastore and exchange it for the same model and just hope our current player's faulty? I'm not really sure.

Enough rambling - quite simply I'm after a decent DVD recorder that'll play DivX files

Many thanks!



just few things:

DVD-6100XS Mpeg4 DivX DVD Player £29.99 without delivery in Savastore

Eltax DivX DVD-280 DVD Player £38.99 without delivery in Ebuyer
good reviews

Philips DVP5100/05 Multi Region Capable DivX DVD Player £56.99 without delivery in Amazon

if your dad needs famous brand, what about this: Sony DVPNS52P - Dvd Player Divx Silver £55.42 without delivery in Empiredirect

or have a look at this site:

happy hunting petr

[url]www.svp.co.uk[/url] have a Liteon LVW-5115 DVD Recorder for £114.99. It has Divx and Xvid playback capability. Use the coupon code ilovesvp to get £3 off.

[url]www.scan.co.uk[/url] have a Ellion Digital DVR-515A for £116.33 which does play DIVX and X-Vid, even though it isn't mentioned on scans site.

Personally i would go with the ellion as I own a Liteon divx player and haven't been overly impressed with the quality of the player and lack of firmware updates.

Hope this helps.

How about LG 7900H?

DVD recorder with 250GB HDD, DivX/XViD playback, HDMI interface. 300 quid delivered.
But check with retailer first as there are two versions of this machine - 160GB and 250GB.

Original Poster

Many thanks for the replies guys, will dish out the karma as soon as the site limits let me

I've heard bad things about the LG one unfortunately, but that Liteon one sounds absolutely fantastic, just the job, but unfortunately I've spoken to Watford Electronics/Savapoint and they've said they can't give me a refund anyway, so if the problem is actually with the DVD player model in general then I'm screwed, and left with a £100 piece of junk!

If Sumvision actually had a decent website with some content, then maybe I could try a firmware upgrade too, but I guess that's a little too much to ask for
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