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Found 6th Jul 2007
anyone know i play divx films on my divx dvd player most of them work
but some indian ones dont any ideas?!
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should this be in deal requests?
Could be to do with the size of the div x file, cheaper div x players won't be able to cope with some resolutions if they aren't a standard res, so basically they just wont bother playing them...

Why not give us a model number so we can help a little more.
have you tested them on your pc? make sure the film actualy works first
tested on pc they work fine just sound doesnt work
its a kazuki 7400x
sound on the dvd player i mean
Would it not be better to post this in avforums?
Try changing the sound settings on your dvd player between 5.1 and stereo to see if that helps.
i tried that it didnt work i dont know what it is might go and give it back!
Sounds like the film uses a sound format that the dvd player doesn't support.
hmm probably saying that the other indian films worked properly i think what i might do is give the divx player back!
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