divx hard drive player any decent ones under 60 pound?

    hi im new to this but just wondered is there a portable hard drive that i can plug into my pc and copy divx movies onto
    then remove and plug into my tv and playback the movies through my tv ?
    had a look around mainly ebay bit confused any help would be apreciated thanks


    Go for this's a little bit more.…-p/ :thumbsup:

    You also need an external hard drive to go with this to copy ur divx files too.

    get a cheap xbox1 softmodded for around £20 you can use the media center and stream anything to the box to play.


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    probably a daft question but do i need a 1080p player if ive only got a 720p tv? will i notice any difference?
    the old xbox sounds good there good for what they do but i havent really got the room for one in my set up plus they are abit ugly rnt they when there sat next to modern tvs and other devices

    this thng does get cracking reviews. is there any decent sites for downloading hd divx files? the only two i really know are superfundo and minova but dont know if they have many files in hd

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    thanks looks good gets good reviews too
    is it worth paying extra for the western digital one or is there not much between them?

    I would say that the wdtv is certainly more future proof from the specs on that other media player it does not playback .mkv files which is becoming a more and more common file format especially for HD content. Also the wdtv can handle DTS files but that is only if your home theatre has the ability to decode DTS though you can get a free audio converter program to downmix DTS to dolby digital 5.1 so no problems if you don't have a home theatre with DTS. Looking over the specs again the wdtv wins hands down for the sheer amount of different files it can play back, I have never had a problem with playback using mine except for when playing a file with DTS the sound occasionally drops out but after a 5 minute re encoding job on the audio the files then work perfectly. The only design problem with the wdtv is that the remote is incredibly tiny and cheap feeling but since I have a universal remote it has never really been a problem. Oh and a hdmi cable does not come with it (like pretty much every product I have bought so far that requires one like the ps3 and xbox 360) but you can pick up a hdmi cable for less than a tenner so no biggie.
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