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    Hi all..

    I'm looking for a cheapish divx player ( No more than £40 inc delivery )

    Does anyone know of any good deals around?
    Would need to have usb port, and play the majority of formats that can be downloaded from the internet.

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    I didn't know you could get players with a USB ports??

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    Hi Duckmagic..

    Yes you can get then, they don't all have it.
    However I've been told it's much easier for downloading updates direct to the player from the web.


    This from Ebuyer inc VAT £32.99 so should come in under £40 with delivery.
    DVD/Divx with USB:…106

    I know [url][/url]Also used to do them a reasonable price, in particular when they showed up on their "deals of the day"

    Failing that also seen them on ebay for around the £40 mark...

    Hope this helps


    I didn't know you could get players with a USB ports??

    Yeah, supposedly the ones at £20 from lidl a while back can be modded to read / play movies from external hard drives through the USB connector for the card reader.

    Nowadays if they have a USB port, its for reading mp3 and similar music file from to play, from mp3 players (including ipods)

    Maplin have one @ £37.49 inc. delivery

    the one from ebuyer looks good id go for that one , £30 seesm very good value with usb ports

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    Thanks lovesabargain..

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