Divx to DVD?

Anyone know of any freeware software that will allow me to burn divx to dvd


There's plenty freeware stuff out there but must of it is garbage.

What you want is VSO ConvertXtoDVD, it's not free (unless you know where to look) but will convert and burn all at once.

try avi2dvd just google it m8


try avi2dvd just google it m8

I'm just downloading it now. Been looking all day - thank!:thumbsup:

If your new to this sort of thing you might want to take a look at the website below


Its an excellent site with hundreds of easy to follow tutorials with pics!!! Its my first stop whenever i want to follow a guide. Hope its of some help


Trying DVD Flick. The other file (avi2dvd) had a watermark through the screen unless you register and I couldn't figure out how to do it.


convertxtodvd is the best out there by far

Using DVD Flick - really easy to use - got it right, finally able to watch on the dvd player. Rep given.

VSO is good, obviously depends how much detail/effort you want to go to / put in. NeroVision will do the job too.

If you just want quick results then WinAVI Video Converter has one of the fastest engines out there. Obviously conversion times depend on your setup, but using WinAVI can often half the time expected otherwise. No fancy menus or anything like that though.


convertxtodvd is the best out there by far

i agree
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