DiVX/XiVD DVD Player

Found 2nd Dec 2007
Budget £50

Low profile (slim)
Decent brand (Philips divx in my living room but audio sync problems with some files, and appaulingly short filename display)
Capable of playing MP3s too although thats standard.

HDD/Ethernet/Wifi are luxuries but not a must, but unlikely to be within budget
X264 compatible is another luxury I wouldn't mind on it but not needed

Good history on brand on its divx players of firmware updates would be nice.

If I wasn't so lazy I'd find a nice one on avforums but I'll take personal recommendations from HUKDers

Rep to anyone who recommends something I order ;-)
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This is the one I intend to get next week.

]Samsung DVD-HD870

£49.19 + P&P at Pixmania is the cheapest price I can find at the moment but i think there is a £7 voucher about somewhere and a link in the hotukdeals.com/for…358 section would get you a fiver off instead.

More details, rewiews and region crack at ]Amazon where it is £55.04 delivered.

You are right about HDD/Ethernet/wifi, I can't find anything at this budget that has any of those, the only ones that come close is the Philips 5960 which has a USB 1.1 port at the front with flaky at best support for external HDD.

The Samsung ( and the Philips) have upscaling and HDMI but you didn't specify if so I didn't know if it was important
HDMI is nice for upscaling to a hdmi and futureproofing, albeit they won't be able to handle HiDef x264 files, not at this price. Good to have nonetheless.

Thanks for that, i'll be looking at those soon
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