DivX/XVID disc player with USB input for video from external harddrive

    Hi All,

    Been looking for a 1-box-does-all solution for XVID viewing.

    I have tons of movies on DVD-/+R and CD-R in XVID format.
    I also have tons of movies stored on an external hard disk.

    I'm trying to find a DivX/XVID disc player that has a USB input to allow the playing of media stored on an external harddrive.

    Seen a few disc machines that have USB connections but they specify that they only play images or music through the USB connection and only from a memory stick; not an external hard disk.

    Seen those nice Sumvision Aqua's that are external hard drives with TV-OUT capabilities so I could swap my hard disk over into one of those but I wouldn't have anything to play my DVD-R's on.

    So is there one machine out there that can play discs and movies on external hard drives?

    Many thanks for any suggestions; dad's gone and got himself immobilised for 2 months and I'm looking to be able to take my movie collection back for him to browse and, hopefully, perk him up a bit.



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