Dixons - are they any good?

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Found 7th Jun 2008
Hi All, I'm looking to buy a new TV and Dixons look the best price by far, at least £200 than the High street. However looking at the reviews for Dixons on the Internet they seem to get a lot of bad press, now I know people are a lot more likely to complain about a company then to praise it so I thought I would ask here.. are they any good oh and as a part 2 to the question.. does "delivered within 2 weeks" mean it is out of stock?

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I've bought a few things of them including tellys, I've never had any bother with them. Others may say different but you can only go on personal experience.

Part 2: don't know.

no problems here either and have ordered a few items including tvsx3 and ipodsx2 before xmas. Call and ask about the 2 weeks?

I bought shed loads (but never a shed!) off them and theyve always been fine.

for part 2, sometimes items will be dispatched from the manufacturers or import warehouse directly as some items dont sell alot and would be pointless to hold in regional distribution centres. Though always worth to check!

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Thanks everybody, I've decided I'm going to risk it, I just found the money off codes for Dixons and the difference between them and everyone else is nearly £300 now.

Rep to all of you for your help
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