Dixons Mis-Price/Advert - JBL Creature II 2.1 Black Speakers.

    Hi all,

    Been looking to purchase the above speakers and have found them technically the cheapest at Dixons.

    On product page, there is a smallish banner below the picture of the product which states there will be a discount of 25% which will applied once at the checkout. However, I have found that after registering and proceeding to enter my delivery and payment details that no discount is applied once at the checkout!!

    I have tried this in various web browsers but it still returns the same results.

    I have e-mailed Dixons regarding this already but am yet to receive a reply or even acknowledgement of receipt so just wondering if anyone had actually successfully ordered these with the 25% discount or if there is any other way I could pursue this?



    Put a post on Hukd an see if someone can help you out .....:thumbsup:

    phone the store , or a contact number for them and ask to escalate it ..


    was 69.99 now 58.71?

    dont forget to go through quidco or topcashback

    how about in white off fleabay for 48 quid brand new delivered? 260337318118

    Original Poster

    Patience is the key. E-mail responded to with confirmation that discount will be honoured, though from their wording, I think it is a mistake as, despite the banner still being displayed, their representative said than in order to receive the discount I have to reply to the e-mail with receipt etc and they will do it after and not at the checkout.

    May be worth dropping an e-mail if anyone else is on the lookout.
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