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DIY advice for putting up smoke alarms

Posted 19th May 2012
Wonder if someone can help, bought some more smoke alarms for the house after that terrible fire last week on the news, but they come with screws and wall plugs, the only thing is in past experience, you drill the hole into the plaster ceiling, the plug just ends up spinning and just falls out or doesn't grip enough. Anyone have any suggestions for this?
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Get a couple of bigger wall plugs or plugs designed for plasterboards and don't screw so tightly.
Buy some plasterboard fixings.
Ok, thought so. Was just wondering if there was a special technique to using the ones that come with it. B&Q it is
or screw them into the ceiling joists through the plasterboard?!?!?

Ok, thought so. Was just wondering if there was a special technique to … Ok, thought so. Was just wondering if there was a special technique to using the ones that come with it. B&Q it is

No , theyre plugs designed for brick / concrete.

The Fire Service offer free home fire safety checks & also fit free fire alarms for everyone. You just need to contact your local fire service.

No , theyre plugs designed for brick / concrete.

Weird though you would expect them to give you the plasterboard ones.
Call your your regional fire service and tell them that you would like them to carry out a fire risk assessment on your home and that you would also like to take advantage of the free smoke alarm supply and fitting service. They usually fit Fire Angel smoke alarms which are very good quality.

You can then return the the smoke alarms that you have purchased for a full refund.
I just used mounting tape for mine.

I just used mounting tape for mine.

Like a double sided??

Like a double sided??

Yep, but not sellotape; it's called scotch mounting tape and is quite strong.
If you use the correct size drill bit you shouldn't have any problems.
Just use Araldite
Use some no nails should do the job
use velcro
just screw the screws straight into the ceiling without drilling thats what we do in the fire service but do not over tighten , fit one at the top of the stairs away from the bathroom and one at the bottom of the stairs by the front door
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If the alarms are not attached securely to the ceiling and a fire breaks out in your home then there's a very real possibility the alarm can fall off and stop working as its on the floor and not the ceiling where the poisonous and flammable gases are. Screwing in or gluing on securely are the only 2 methods I would use.
Contact your local fire station to get free alarms and a comprehensive safety check with lots of good advice to help keep you safe in your home.
celotape around the plug until it is fat enough to push flush into the ceiling hole. as the smoke alarm is not heavy, this will do to keep it up there.
When out fire department came round, they used a MOP handle stick thing with a plunger attachment on the top.

They covered the smoke alarm with "no more nails" and used the stick to hold it in place for around 60 seconds.

Job done.

No step stool, safety assessments or ladders required.
The fire brigade put smoke alarm's in my house, for free and they used silicon to stick them to the ceilings.
I'm on this post because I have also the same problem with my fire alarm system, after reading all comments able to fix the problem thanks guys for your suggestions.
Also worth setting up a few reminders in your phone/tablet computer calendar to regularly test the thing and change the batteries.
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