DIY Alcohol Based Hand Sanitiser

Posted 5th Mar
OK, we all know how hard (impossible) it is to buy this stuff, unless you're happy to pay ridiculous prices on Ebay or Amazon!

There is however a simple and cost effective way to make your own with a recipe direct from the WHO (World Health Organisation). The instructions are HERE

You can buy the three ingredients from Ebay for around £35 - enough to make almost 5 litres of it! You can make less if you want and therefore save money. There are other methods and recipes online, but this one is direct from the WHO so is reliable. Basically the same as what you can buy (if you could actually buy it that is!).

To be effective, the final end product hand sanitiser has to have at least 60% alcohol content - which means you need to buy 99% Alcohol (Isopropyl), but you can get away with 91% neat but it has to be remembered that the 99% or 91% you'll use will be diluted by the other ingredients hence it being so high to allow it to be diluted but STILL be above 60%. Many places sell 70% strength Isopropyl alcohol, but when diluted will be way less than 60% strength and so essentially useless. This receipe from the WHO is basically replicating the type of stuff they use in hospitals for the same purpose - to eradicate viruses and other germs.

Any other type of sanitiser will NOT be effective at all with regard to this virus, although for some reason the government and their medical experts have not seen the need to tell the public this - there are many types of hand sanitisers, but only a small percentage are alcohol based, so people are paying fortunes for something that will not work...............................and the government are happy for them to because they haven't told them otherwise. Hmm, makes one wonder why.................................................
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They have been telling us that they have to be over 60%, it’s been on the news and something people are talking about for the past few days.
there is another thread on this already,…878

and plus, another three coronavirus threads, just click on MISC, the click "Discussed", scroll down a few pages, and find with "coronavirus" search word for the titles
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Or just wear disposable gloves when needed, or be more observant of what you touch.
Use other body parts to open/press things when out in public.
i.e. don't touch lift buttons with the tip of you finger, use your knuckle. A shoulder to open a door.
Have the knobbers started tripling their prices of the raw materials yet?
Isoprop in an atomiser like in this pic? Would avoid a lot of hassle but a fire hazard.

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