DIY Book for dads birthday (Bricklaying/Plumbing/Woodwork/Electrical)

    Hiya, Im looking for a book as a birthday present for my father and was hoping some people have come across this before...

    Im either looking for a pluming, woodwork (craftsman), bricklaying or electrical book for my fathers birthday. Anyone recommend any decent ones? He is quite adequate on DIY so would like something with a steeper learning curve if poss. WHsmiths have this Woodworking for DUMMIES for £8.99 but may seem a little basic......

    Thanks for your help!


    why dont you get the one from B&Q - gives you everything you'll ever need... mine's holding up my cupboard at the min.. a leg fell off..perfect size!!

    He obviously likes to read does he

    Original Poster


    He obviously likes to read does he

    If its something interesting and informative yes he does :-D

    hi my partner uses this one all the time
    look up no on ebay 220480218881


    hi my partner uses this one all the timelook up no on ebay 220480218881

    £5.00 used on ebay,
    or £10 on ]Amazon

    Readers Digest one is great - other one thats fairly good is the Collins DIY one........…235
    WH Smith were doing this for £5 or £10 last xmas..
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