DIY GAMING PC (Ryzen 5 3600 + RX 590 + 16GB 3000mhz + 480GB SSD) (Ghost Recon Breakpoint or Borderlands 6m GamePass) £589.03 at Partpicker

Posted 12th Dec 2019
EDIT: Includes Ghost Recon Breakpoint or Borderlands 3 + 3 Months XBOX PC GamePass for FREE due to the AMD GPU programme 'AMD Raise the Game'.…K4D

Just in the process of building a mid-tier gaming PC for my little brother as he has started to get in to PC gaming, prices at the moment are fantastic to build your first gaming PC! This PC would have easily cost £900+ back in July when the new Ryzen processors released! Just be aware that you will have to build this your self (video guide in first comment).

Deal link will send you to a PC PartPicker list which may change in price, but at the time of posting the deal, the price for all parts is £589.03 which is an absolute BARGAIN for a PC of this stature.

I've built in the non window version of this PC case and for the price it is amazing, one of my favourite budget PC cases as it comes with two fans, is very quiet and air flow is fantastic.

Bare in mind, the OS is priced at £1.99 as it is a Windows 10 64 Bit Pro key which can be found on Ebay, and is a legit product key that has always worked for me when building multiple PC's in the past. I won't be linking directly to these Ebay deals as I don't want to get in to trouble just in case, but just search for it on Ebay and there's loads on sale, they are just one time use keys which have been stripped off of old PC's/laptops.

Full parts list below in the first comment, with links. Any questions, feel free to ask!

(Closest pre-built PC that I can find with these specs is £150 more expensive and doesn't come with Windows 10 -…UfN)
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