DIY - electric screwdriver or drill with screwdriver bits?

Found 21st Dec 2017
Newly divorced, practical lady seeks man with own tools....oh no hold on, I’ll just order off of Amazon.

What’s best - a specific electric screwdriver (smaller, easier to handle, but less powerful?! Do I need power?) or a light small drill with screwdriver bits?

Guess I’ll buy a drill at some point but maybe bigger heavier one when I need it.

Got some flat pack furniture arriving soon...
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A small drill is much more useful long term. Something like this is very well made and pretty light. It'll last you for a very long time and do most DIY jobs.…BwE
Generally the usefulness is related to the battery size - the voltage and the Ah rating.

The higher the voltage the more powerful the drill/driver is and the higher the Ah rating the longer the battery will last between recharges. I would look for 12V minimim and if under 2Ah make sure you get two batteries.

Brands - if you buy a decent brand it is likely you will be able to buy replacement batteries in the future. Some of the unheard of makes may work fine but once the battery stops working the drill/driver will only be fit for the bin!.
I would buy a cordless drill/driver all day long. Never found electric screwdrivers to be that good in comparison other than they're smaller in size. You can normally pick up a Bosch 18V cordless drill/driver with hammer action etc for £99 in screwfix. I've had one for years and it is by far the most used power tool I have.
I personally prefer dewalt stuff, it’s one of the brands used in the trade and theres some good deals on this at the moment at screwfix and B&Q making it very similar in price to a Bosch. Bosch stuff is ok for general diy use but if you decide to do anything heavy it won’t be that good, I have both Bosch and dewalt stuff and I always reach for the dewalt kit. What kit you want largely depends on your needs, budget and how long you want it to last.
Thanks guys.

Think it might just be easier to chose a new husband hahaha

Seriously though, I’ll have a good look at drills.
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If it's just for flat pack furniture then it may be best just buying a cheap dedicated electric screwdriver rather than a drill.

Yes a drill is much more versatile, but do you really want to spend £50 on something you only use to put some furniture together with?

Something like this ugly MacAllister one from B&Q for £20…prd
You only need ordinary hand screwdriver for flat pack. They often dont use screwdriver but allen key, which is provided with the flat pack
A drill driver is much more useful. The problem I find with electric screwdrivers is they lack power. Also when you have to put a bit of pressure to prevent skipping, the long handles are awkward. The gun style drivers or drill/drivers are much better 9/10 times.
A typical 2.4V / 3.6V screwdriver is less powerful than a hand screwdriver with a decent grip handle
B&Q recently had a two for £35 offer on MacAlister tools. I got a pretty decent drill as part of that. A decent Bosch drill bit set for an extra £10 or so and you'll be laughing.

There was also an offer online for £8 for a whole tool kit in a tool bag at B&Q on here
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