Diy n00b needs help hiding wires for lcd wall mount

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Found 10th Jul 2008
Hi everyone,
My lovely family have decided to get my room redecorated. Thing is, I was actually intending on wall mounting my lcd, but we have someone booked to skim the walls on the 15th. Moreover, theres an electrician coming to fit some new plugs on saturday the 12th. I know nothing about DIY but its a 1940s house, brick walls, plaster. I'll stick up a photo of the wall. I bought a wall bracket a while ago and imagine i can just use rawl plugs etc and bolt it into the brick. However, how do I hide the wires? I have a sky box, a ps3, and the power. I assume I just have to knock some plaster out? But I have no idea what to do and how.
Many thanks for your time


tell the electrician where your TV is going and he should be able to "chop in" where the wires are going, he will fill in and then the plasterer can skim over when he comes! We just did something similar in our lads room and it looks brilliant!

You need to cut channels into the wall.

I doubt that you will hide them under the depth of the plaster, I would think you need to go into the bricks as well.

You also need to use a 'conduit channel' to sit the wires in.....otherwise they'll rot.
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