Posted 7th Jan 2023
Looking at starting to service my own Libtech skate banana… watched a few videos but sure someone here will have some knowledge.

I was going to use the steel brush to brush off old wax rather than a cleaner in the hope it would retain some wax In the pours. Would this not scratch the bottom?

Lots of different kits around… can I do the following..

1) use an edging tool to do edges until clean
2) use steel brush to clean bottom of old wax
3) use an old travel iron to melt wax all over
4) iron board - don’t allow smoke
5) let dry
6) scrape off
7) use ‘profiling brush’ top to bottom?

does this sound about right?
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    Look for old ski servicing vids and scale up the tool I suggest. We used to use a firm steel/hard plastic edge that spanned both edges. A bit of old bandsaw blade was perfect. Keep the directional pressure over the edges rather than the middle. That way, you don't dig into the base. Knowing which wax to use is still a dark art but improving with modern material.

    But IMHO, the base and wax are not the major problem. Many's the time edges have been incorrectly sharpened and I have been tipped over. Usually too sharp too far up the front of the outside edge causing the affected ski to cross under the other. In your case, i reckon it will simply take your balance on a board (cant say for sure. I never got the hang of boards).

    Have fun. Its still the best sport along with sailing and diving.

    edit - a wire brush is not a useful tool. Let sleeping wax lie (edited)
    Great thanks for the advice. I’ve got a Lib Tech skate banana so I’ve bought the tool specific for that board so hopefully can’t mess it up to much.

    I think I’m going to just use the brush to clean off any dirt then just wax over the top. Is that what you’re suggesting ?
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