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    As it says above I am looking to kit myself out with DIY tools as my husband took all those when we split - I got the garden tools! Everything from screwdrivers to spanners. Also interested in sets of nails, screws, bolts etc, racking for garage, a ladder suited to high ceilings for changing bulbs and decorating! I'm only 5ft 2 and the house i am renting is an old listed building! Would enlist the kids but they are only 20 and 30 months old so will be a while before they cause less chaos and start assisting!




    i would try argos for they had some good stuff in there sale.

    for instance ]this drill will do for most jobs.£9.99
    ]ladders £19.99

    and i know you said online but you should check out your local £1 store for the likes of screws and small hand tools.most of the stuff seems to be up to normal use.get yourself a screwdriver bit set while there to go with your drill and you should have enough bits for most jobs.
    any other power tools just have a look on the argos site.most of their own brand(challenge)power tools are about average price and i have used alot of them and they do last unlike some other cheap brands i have tried and mine get alot of heavy use.also when they have sales on some of the things are very cheap.

    also for alot of stuff ive had ]this site on my favourites for a while,since i got a leaflet through the door a few years back.they have alot of screws and hand tools for £1 each if you cant get to a £1 store.

    although i must add i have never ordered anything from them before so couldnt comment on the service.the site has been around for a few years though so i would say its legit


    screwfix have counters around the country where you can collect, to save on delivery costs if you wanted.

    Wherever you buy, try not to go for the cheapest tools you can find, as some will be really useless and a waste of money. But then again theres no need to have the most expensive either! Mid price range will do fine for DIY etc.

    To be honest, i have not been at all impressed with the 'challenge' tools, up to you obviously, but the challenge drill i've had doesn't do the job too well!

    Have fun shopping, and good luck with the DIY!


    Screwfix and B&Q are the cheapest, although if you are just looking for a quick around the house tool set i.e. Hammer, Screwdriver, Hacksaw, Plyers etc for everyday jobs then Ikea do a couple of sets for £1 and £3.

    I've found Wilkinsons tools to be very good :

    bod emrys

    I'd avoid 'challenge' branded power tools from argos like the plauge - … I'd avoid 'challenge' branded power tools from argos like the plauge - the last drill I had from them lasted less than an hour -- really shocking quality.I've found that Focus' own brand of powertools (mckellar) are very good quality - slightly more expensive than the argos ***** but well worth it.

    for me i have had no problems at all.ive had the drill i posted for about 2 years and its used daily in my job and its never failed me once,lasts for ages after a charge and has plenty of power for most jobs.i aso have the 24volt for things like drilling through walls and again great apart from it doesnt last as long after a charge as the 14.4 volt.i have the challenge extreme circular saw which again has had heavy use for over a year and the original blade is still upto the job.we also use a planner from them as well which is still going strong after 18 months.

    most of the things like screws ect we get from the places like aldi when they have the packs on for a £1 a go or sometimes the £1 shop.infact you would be suprised how many people in the building trade stock up on bits like that when they have the deals on.

    i would also like to add you would be suprised at how many of the store branded power tools are actually made by same people just rebranded.for instance at the time of buying my 14.4 volt drill from argos focus were selling the same thing(bar different name and colour)for £15 more.i even took my argos drill in to check to see if the batterys were compatable and guess what exacly the same locking device,contacts.

    for general diy work you dont need to be fooled into buying the branded power tools,hand tools.

    things like stanley knives,tape measures,screwdrivers,tack hammers,small hammers,allen keys can all be sourced from as little as 50p each in places like wilkinsons,poundland,
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