Posted 7th Jan 2023 (Posted 4 h, 52 m ago)
I'm in the process of resolving a damp issue caused by a shower cubicle and hoped to get some advice before proceeding further.

Long story short, ripped out a shower cubicle to find that underneath there was a leak and that the sealant around the shower tray had also failed. This resulted in the wooden base the shower tray was sitting on as well as brickwork in the affected area to be drenched. Suspect this had been like this for at least a few years.

Have left the area exposed for a few months to allow it to dry and now want to reinstall the shower but have a few questions.

The plan is to level the floor with cement so it is the same height as the section with the hammer in the picture below. However, when laying the cement around the edges am concerned that I will breach the DPC under the breeze blocks. Am I correct in assuming this will happen? If so, how do I prevent this?

The breeze blocks pictured were saturated with water and became sponge like. They have now dried and been brushed back to remove any loose debris. To level the face of them can I fill in the gaps with cement when I do the floor?

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