Posted 27th Dec 2022 (Posted 2 h, 7 m ago)
For the DIY community, where is your go to place for 3M strips for photo frames? I usually pick up 4 pack for £3.25 from wilkos. I’ve tried non branded ones but I’ve had bad experiences.
I have a whole hallway to fill.

Thanks in advance.
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    Not sure how big the frames you're sticking, this was for 21x30cm frames x24

    Top two is the ones we ended up using, don't buy the bottom one nothing stayed stuck longer than a week with that one, everything is still on the wall since…tle

    49158579-UeQ80.jpg (edited)
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    I can recommend not going to B&Q. They were quite cheap (3 packs for a tenner) but they had effectively expired. There was no working adhesive.

    The range sell them but I'm not sure they're much cheaper. I'd agree with sticking (no pun intended) with 3M, but a premium product has a (reasonably) premium price.
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    Costco or Amazon are generally the cheapest
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    Poundland £3.
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