DJ Hero on X Box 360 wanted - anyone know of a good deal online?

    My younger brother wants this for xmas with the turntable?? Not being a gamer I'm not sure where to go - I think there is an old and new version doesn't matter which. Also don't mind if second hand but fully boxed as new.
    Any help much appreciated

    2 Comments…spx dj hero 1 and 2 £85 new

    or £29.99 preowned for djhero 1 with turntable @gameplay…tml…1-1
    £79.52 delivered at amazon for DJ hero 2. I was under the impression all dj hero 2 turntable kits came with dj hero 1. If so then amazon one also includes it the picture shows a small circle with that info in

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    Great many thanks - think I will go with preowned as it look like you get a guarantee with it as well (and save lots of pennies!!)
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