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    I'm looking to put a music podcast together and i'm in need of advice in choosing the right software.

    I think the term is known as "fading in or out". Where say one track is finishing and another track starts, but you can still hear the previous track fading out.

    What software would i need to do this?



    I think this will do the job.

    Try mixxx, it's open source aka FREE!

    pugw$sh think this will do the job.

    This will work perfectly for mixing songs, and fruity loops or cubase are good for making songs

    VirtualDJ is incredible if you have the patience to get good on it!


    VirtualDJ is incredible if you have the patience to get good on it!

    How much is this? I used a trial version and it was pretty good, but limited.

    You can also use Mixmiester as well, if you really wanna get into it
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    Honestly stay away from VDJ! Im an experienced and part time DJ in clubs in Dublin, no DJs use VDJ, due to its unreliability and stability issues! Get something like Traktor or Serato. Serato is free, but you need certain hardware to run it, google that info.

    But I advise to get Traktor. Most of the top DJs use it, and its very capable and can use most if not all midi and HID controllers.

    EDIT: just read the info in your post OP, Traktor is not what you need, its way to expensive and not necessary for that. What you need is the free software Audacity
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