DJ Speakers???

hi, guys anyone know where i can get dj speakers from its for my brother and hes a begginer so dont have to be the best on the market okay ones will do. any help will be greatly apprecaited.


You mean headphones? Or actual speaker speakers?

You can get a reasonable set of speakers and beginner amp from Richer sounds for not too much.

or just get a phono lead and run it through the stereo?:thumbsup:

If you facied getting something that would last a while then a set or a single powered dj speaker would be a good idea. Check out djstore.co.uk and look under the speakers > powered section. You can get ones from 120 quid and they won't need seperate amps etc. Ideal for a beginner and good enough to last until you start playing out. That is also a great site with free next day delivery! Lots of advice on there too!!! Hope thats an idea that helps.

I use Logitech 2.1 speakers cost about £80 two years ago similiar to this amazon.co.uk/Log…1-3

You get 2 speakers and a base. You definatley buy speakers with a base in djing you need to hear the base to mix most genres of music also you can feel the base when you in crease the volume. I have using logitech to make my own music.


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thanks guys for all your comments, didnt no you could use them kind of speakers gav thanks yer i know what you mean about the base very important. most likely go for that. one again thanks repped.
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