DK Eyewitness Travel Guide to Cracow/Krakow

Hey im traveling to Krakow next week and would love to get my hands in this travel guide.... Can anyone advise me on where to get it??? I have tried amazon and ebay with no joy

Thanks in advance folks


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THanks rep added tho quite dear wen u add P+P

]This looks to be the cheapest. I find ]this site good for finding the best deals on books.

No idea about the guide book - sorry , used the Rough Guide, I think. Just thought I'd tell you that when we were there last summer, the exchange rate for sterling cash at the tourist office in the main market square was much better than any other way of converting. Worth checking it out!!

I find this site good for finding the best deals on books.

Thanks for this - managed to save a few quid on an NYC guidebook - rep added

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Thanks guys great help... Esp tip about money exchange :thumbsup: rep added


Thanks guys great help... Esp tip about money exchange :thumbsup: rep … Thanks guys great help... Esp tip about money exchange :thumbsup: rep added

You're welcome. Glad to help.

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Ok since you seem to know your stuff chesso lol;-) Heading this thurs to krakow for 4 days going to obviously go 2 Auschwitz and mayb salt mines.... ne other travel tips for me????

You might not find everything open this time of the year but we found the Jagellonian (spelling?) University worth the effort and if you can find an evening concert in a church or little room off the main square they have great musicians. Also. don't suppose it'll be a problem in terms of crowds just now but getting into the castle can work out a bit fraught (timed limited access). Keep going past the entrance ticket office up the hill and into the proper stuff. Round the side of the cathedrall to the left there's a booking office that hardly anyone uses. Can just pay and sign up for entrance there.
I'll be back - don't want to be timed out!!

Taxi from airport is easy and they don't seem to scam you at all.
Authentic local food is very lardy - anticipate it or you might well feel very queasy.
You can walk everywhere easily in the centre - don't bother with the little shuttle things at all. If the weather is crisp, stroll through the planty.
We had a great time.
There's a good supermarket at the top of the street that runs N on the map and meets the planty at the top right.
We didn't go to Auschwitz (too macabre for me) and missed out on the mines because I managed to do in my left foot!, but I would do the mines if I went again.

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Hey Chesso thanks for the advice... lookin 4ward to my trip now rollon thurs lol

Enjoy it. Hope the weather isn't too bad!! TTFN

Here is a list of the best prices on all the normal sites for you : bookprice24.co.uk/isb…379
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