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Found 12th Mar 2011
scan have 2 deals on 2x2tb

i have got a dlink 323 i would like to but some hard drives but hard to find good clear answers to weather they will work or have problems with losing data or slow after time
anyway they are

2 x 2Tb Samsung HD204UI/Z4, SpinPoint EcoGreen F4EG SATA 3Gb/s, 32MB Cache, 8.9 ms, NCQ £116.39
2 X 2TB Western Digital WD20EARS Caviar Green, SATA 3Gb/s, 5400+rpm, 64MB Cache, 8ms £113.99 More information about this productBuy this product

if not what ones are thanks
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One of the problems with some 2Tb drives is that they use 4k sectors and some NAS devices cant support this.

The DLink web site support page has a link about the latest firmware,


See "What changes have been done to the latest firmware for my DNS-323?"

It says

Firmware: 1.09
Date: 06/16/10

1. Support CTERA Online Backup.

Firmware: 1.08
Date: 02/17/10

1. Now supports 2TB Disks.


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4k sectors is also known by Western Digital as "Advanced Format"

And another entry in their support log says

Q. Does ShareCenter support Western Digital™ Advanced Format hard drives?

A. We regret to inform you that we can not support Western Digital’s new Desktop disk drives with Advanced Formatting Technology for use in our ShareCenter NAS devices.

WD does not recommend (and will not support) the use ANY of their Desktop disk drives in NAS devices, including their new drives with the Advanced Formatting Technology. WD has no intention of rectifying this issue for NAS support.

According to WD, even if we were to solve the issues caused by their Advanced Formatting Technology in the standard mode, these drives may still cause problems when used in RAID configurations (especially with RAID 5).

This issue is not unique to D-Link nor the ShareCenter product line but rather relates to WD’s strategy moving forward.

WD will only guarantee the compatibility of their Enterprise disk drives with NAS devices, as they are not integrated with their Advanced Formatting Technology.

As a result, we will NOT support the use of any WD disk drive with Advanced Formatting Technology.

Thank you for your understanding. Please do not hesitate to contact our team directly with any questions or concerns.

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You could always double check on their support forums

i have looked on there only using v108 c1... English dlink site has no v1.09...... there ment to be doing v10 that might do 4k drives and what ever else... but on the hdd support page on the site is out of date.... what i mean about hard to get clear answer

i think ill being using drivers as 4tb in total not mirror
the same ones at scan now?
the last part was worries me about them
dunno about new beta or final v 10 to sort these out
yes i did... but it says over time they can get worse so did not know if its been enough time to tell yet.... thanks for the information tho if amazon have just cheap i would get them there i will check now
ok thank you for the info its a great help
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