DNS Server Wont Connect - Help please

    hi there my Girlf is having reall trouble with her internet, she's on a netbook using skype and speaking to me right now but gets this message when trying to open web pages in IE and Mozzilla...

    she has turned off her router and that hasnt solved anything, i told her to turn of her modem but she doesnt really know what that is or where it is.. i thought it should be connected to her router...

    but anyway, anyone know how she cant start browsing web pages?

    she's getting the same thing from her iPad and other laptop...


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    hmm its fixed itself sumhow... must have been the provider

    if it happens again try browsing to google by IP address for example
    if that works then yeah its a DNS issue and they normally fix them selves.
    If it happens again and again you can switch DNS servers easily enough.

    Bet it was talktalk

    just had the same problem myself, talktalk by any chance?

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    was indeed talktalk, cheers chaps n chappettes

    Yeah.. at 9:40 there was an outage affecting Northern England, Scotland and NI.

    I also was affected, first outage I have encounted since going live 12 months ago with them
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