do all contract handsets from the car phone warehouse come unlocked?

    Considering a new phone for my mum for Christmas. She already has a pay monthly sim.. Was just wondering if all contact handsets come unlocked or if I need to get her one for her selected network.

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    They're all unlocked except iphones i think

    I think they come locked as when you buying pay as you go phones you need to choose starter and pay for first top up. iPhones however come unlocked but it locks itself to network of first inserted sim card

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    It's an iPhone I'm after. So I think I'll have to give them a call before hand

    Check out Giffgaff as well. All their phones are unlocked.

    The page seems to have changed, basically it said all sim free phones are unlocked.

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    just called them up, with iphones, they do as somebody stated above lock to the first network you put a sim card in the phone with, so, im guessing they dont need the original sim they come with anymore to activate the phone full stop?

    All phones from Carphone come unlocked, whether on payg, upgrade or unlocked. It is true that payg handsets need to be bought with a sim, but they are not locked to the network associated with that sim.

    The exception to the "all unlocked" rule is with iPhone, which lock to the first network for which you insert a sim. I suggest you insert a Three sim first, as if the phone locks to Three, they'll send you the unlock code free of charge. You can then unlock it with that code, and it will stay permanently unlocked, leaving you free to use any sim you wish. So even of Three is not your chosen network, it is a "means to an end" to ensure you end up with a permanently unlocked handset, with no need to spend money on unlock fees.
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