Do all Mothercare shops have the worst Customer Service or its is just Basildon branch?

    Hi All,

    On two occasions we need to deal with customer service at Basildon Mothercare. One was due to low quality Mothercare branded product. Second was a baby sleepsuit with wrong size label. On both cases they were very resistive and defensive. Case one is ok to resist since we do not expect them to accept that they get low quality products put their brand on and rip people off. However second one was completely clear that sleepsuit has wrong size label stiched. Since we have trown our receipt they did not take it back!!! I just wonder if anybody has smilar experiences with them? I almost feel like head office adviced them to be very resistive and defensive.

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    Why dont you phone their customer services helpline. I have always found them to be helpful

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    I had rubbish customer service from mothercare in Peckham, Their own brand rain cover split after using a couple of times, they said it must me my fault and couldn't be poorly manufactured and fought me for about 45 mins till in the end they said "as a good will gesture" they would exchange it free of charge and would contact me if it was confirmed to be my fault, I never did hear from them.

    they fine in bluewater

    a nightmare in manchester and altrincham aswell. I try not to shop there now. Had several items returned as they were rubbish and always had to deal with snotty staff who look down their nose at you. phoned their head office and they were extremely helpful and sent me 30pounds vouchers the last time as the service was so shocking!!
    worth a phonecall i think!!

    Hi - first post - hope you don't mind me butting in!
    I worked in Basildon once - and I will admit, the customer service there is not the same as other stores - but I would call the store and speak to the manager - Lisa or her assistant Dan or Becky (I think), Haven't been in a while, but last time I was they were there. They all come from stores where they bend over backwards re customer service. The one thing I loved about Mothercare when I worked for them was the fantastic customer service we gave. I've worked for other retailers too - in various locations - it must be a Basildon thing, cos the staff all want to be over protective of company money! (LOL!!)
    Don't give up - Mothercare is a good brand mostly!

    My lasting recollection of Mothercare is the Southampton branch - when I tried to use the baby changing area I was told that I wasn't allowed to 'as men shouldn't be changing babies' . When I said 'Fine, you change him then' & started to hand my baby over the staff member said 'OK, you can use the room, but you must respect any women in there'. WTF????

    Overpriced, cater only to passing fads, & not mother (or father!) friendly.

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    Thanks to all those read or read and replied.

    Yes you are right it seemed like they are looking after the company money down to pennies. In our case they won short term but lost in long run! We were prepared to throw the item away but they did not give up. They have even argued in front of other customers who were annoyed about the discussion
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