Do all the supermarkets still do a percentage if you buy 6 bottles of wine/cava/spirits at this time of the year?

    I am going out to buy some cava this morning and was just wondering if M&S, Sainsburys, Tesco give you a discount if you buy 6 bottles in one go still?

    Anyone know what the percentage discounts are or do they vary dependent whether you buy cava, wine, spirits, etc?

    Thank yo.


    Tescos have stopped doing it, as I got 6 bottles on Friday and no extra discount was given. Don't know about the other shops. I hope that helps.

    Tesco's have 20% off 3 or more bottles of Finest wine or champagne, no idea about other supermarkets.

    asda no longer do it either. try aldi, they have won some awards for their wines etc. check online for aldi wine reviews.

    Morrison's have stopped it as well

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    Just looked on M&S's website - they have stopped it as well. Thanks all.

    I was asking as, if there was a discount, I would have aimed to buy it all in one store... but as there is no discount I will have a mix and match from different stores.

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    FYI, just bought 5 bottles at M&S and discovered at the check-out that you do get 5% off 3 bottles. The queues were too long to go back and get a sixth bottle. I saved 80p and would have saved another 80p if I had bought an extra bottle.

    Better than nothing but not as good as the 10% off deals they used to have.

    Thanks all for posting your info.
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