Posted 20th Dec 2022
Hello. I recently bought two identical Freesat boxes, one from Amazon and one from eBay. One was supposed to be a present for my parents but they decided to renew their Sky, so I need to send the Amazon one back (will be free return vs paid return with eBay). However, now that I've taken the boxes out they have mingled and I don't know which one came from Amazon! Can I send either back? Or will they scan and realise the serial number is different (in 50/50 chance I send back wrong one)? I messaged the eBay seller to ask if he knew the serial of the one he sent but unfortunately did not.

Thank you!
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    Ask them in the help section and they'll quickly tell you. Let me know as I want to know too.
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    They don't check the contents of the box!
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    For most products no.
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    As @CockneyHarry says. They don't even check the contents.

    I've sent things back and didn't realise that I've not included cables/accessories in the return. Nothing ever came of them.
    I ordered a guitar with some accessories via the warehouse for £50.

    Upon opening the box found that the stand and spare strings weren't present. Got on to the live chat and said look, i don't need the hassle of a return and you don't need the hassle of having an item back that you can't resell as it has items missing. Bit of back and forth and eventually got £25 account credit from them, as you can imagine i was rather pleased with the outcome!

    I think their turnover is that astronomical they simply don't care enough to check items that are returned, even those that they then resell via the warehouse.
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    The box will have the seriel number... if not, then worry not.
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    Even if they have a serial number listed, doesn't mean it's the right one. I bought a Pixel phone from them, and the serial number on my account doesn't match anything on the box.
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    Just send it back. Will probably end up in a huge hole in their back garden with all the other returned iMac's, gtx 4080's, etc etc.
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    Not another one
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    I returned a GoPro hero 9 recently to Amazon and the box got wet and the serial code sticker smudged (pretty badly) when I wiped the box dry. I got my refund back with no issue. Box was unopened.

    So they didn't read the serial number on this item when it returned.
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    Any answer?
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