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Do ASDA instant photo machines resize photos automatically?

Posted 15th Jul 2014
I just used the ASDA instore instant photo printing machines for a set of passport photos. All seemed to go fine (after screwing up my first attempt), but when I got the photos home, I realised they had increased in size from the 35x45mm I set on Photoshop, to 36x46mm.

Puzzled, I then went and checked a set I printed before, on the same machines, and they were exactly the same: 36x46mm. It didn't cause a problem on that occasion (the renewed passport arrived within 3 weeks with no delays), but it's still annoying that it seems to resize without asking.

Has anyone else found this when using the instant machines (you might want to go and measure for yourself, if you're not quite as sad as I am!)?
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