Do Blackberrys take normal Sims?

    Only I have an old work one Id like to get unlocked for personal use as I like the keyboard for texting, which is what I do a lot of. However I cant seem to make my own mobiles sim fit it - the Blackberrys a 8700v which is a Vodafone only model - would they really make a sim specific to it or am I being a klutz? Any info would be welcome


    The Blackberry's use a standard simcard although they're locked to the original network, I've used my standard Vodafone simcard in a BB 8707V and 8800 without issue, the sim was originally for a Nokia N93 and is currently running in an E90.


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    Thanks John, Ive had a look again and I still cant work it out - think I might have to post some pics!

    Yup, dads blackberry has the sim from his old phone in it (same network)

    Note: It was difficult to get the sim out (of the blackberry) though, but he managed in the end

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    I just worked it out, backwards and upside down in dissapears in - thanks for the advice people!
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