Do Carphone warehouse have to repair phone or Huawei

Posted 16th Aug 2015

I purchased a Huawei ascend y550 back in November, restarted phone and will not turn back on,and will not charge anymore, when im plugging in charger the low battery sign comes up and then turns off after a bit.I could not go into recovery mode as well when holding power and vol+ button together whilst i still had battery.

I took the phone to Carphone warehouse and want £45 to send to their repair team,or I can ring Huwaei up to arrange with them.

I'm not paying recorded delivery to send it to Huawei as I've heard you have to arrange postage yourself and its still under warranty.

Am I right in thinking under sales of goods act 1979 Carphone warehouse have to repair or replace the phone as they are the retailer, or does not apply in this case and have to arrange it with Huawei?
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I think you having to pay for postage is standard for most manufacturer's.
It cost me about £7 to send my Moto G back after a speaker fault,if that's any help.
check as some offer to cover postage cost like they have a freepost address so its just the few quid for recorded.
You're quite right car phone warehouse are responsible for the repair, if they want to do it themselves, that's up to them. The important bit is you shouldn't have to pay any money at all.
Not sure might be worth checking out but I think they have to pay back postage if found faulty. this is just going off what pcworld did when I sent off a tablet which they found faulty but on the form I requested a refund and not a replacement
You're being fobbed off, the contract is between you and Carphone warehouse.

They have a duty of care and are obligated to either repair, replace or refund. You should not be expected to pay for any of these services. You need to return to the store with a little more knowledge so you know what you're talking about and don't take no rubbish from them.

May I also add this is not the first time someone has been fobbed off by Carphone Warehouse, this seems common and they need to be held accountable. I for one will not be buying from them in the near future.
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CPW sent my huawei back for repair under warranty without a charge although I do recall them mentioning a fee if no faults were found. I think that may be the £45 they mentioned.

Huawei replaced the phone entirely within a few days
Thanks for replies guys, ill be ringing the customer service number tomorrow , and explain to them its their duty to repair or replace under sales of goods act 1979.I think going into the store will be waste of time and will get nowhere.

I'm hoping it will be straightforward
I ended up ringing Huawei, after waiting for an age trying to get through to Carphone warehouse. Surprisingly, Huawei answered really quick, thought I would be waiting like Carphone warehouse.

I explained the problem with the phone, lady asked when I bought it, she said since its under warranty, you can send it back for a tech guy to look at it and get it repaired, and they will send out a prepaid envelope for the phone, so no postage costs.

Said it will take 8 working days in total,but I doubt it.

Normal rate number is 03333700800, if anyone needs it, no need to ring the 0844 number
Anyone get to the bottom of this as my 6p is broke and they are sayin they cant replace or repair it even tho it is less than a year old

Anyone get to the bottom of this as my 6p is broke and they are sayin … Anyone get to the bottom of this as my 6p is broke and they are sayin they cant replace or repair it even tho it is less than a year old

I stuck with Huawei,as it was still under warranty, sent it to them in the prepaid envelope they sent me, and got it back after a week or so, I cant really remember how long it took them, but it wasn't that long.

They asked me for proof of purchase, so sent that along with the phone,as long as you got proof of purchase, then they should fix it for you under warranty,

I didnt bother with Carphone warehouse, they were being awkward and trying to get me to pay to have the phone repaired.

give them a call and see what they say,

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