Do CEX accept online sell-to orders instore?

    as title

    They promise to maintain the price for 5 days online when you "sell to cex" online

    Can I simply take the confirmation order instore and they will honour that price in the event of a price drop?


    no dont think they do

    No but they really do honour their online price when sending them in,
    Last week they had a price glitch where super street fighter 4 was listed as £75 (£37 cash, £50 trade) so I made a sell order just in case then went to the store but they wouldn't honour it, so I bought the game from them instore, popped it in a jiffy bag bag sent it off.
    Hey presto, I got a cheque yesterday for £37 win

    Original Poster

    Thanks, both of you. Wish I'd seen the SSFIV glitch - should have posted it as a deal

    Well it was only up for a bit, but got a screen grab of it. And I was wanting to make sure they actually honored it.
    They also had splinter cell conviction listed as £30 (£18 cash, £22 trade) but I could only make one sell order per 24 hours.
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