Do cex buy games with damaged covers?

Posted 1st Oct 2018
Hello everyone, I have a PS2 game that cex give £30 trade in for, I found it in the attic recently. The case, disc & manual are all in good condition but the cover has seen better days, the barcode is still in tact though.

Any ideas?
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Why not take it in and ask them?
Ooo what game is it
I believe it's just the barcode that they really need. Cex had sold us a game without a case before. But that was due to the manager's choice.

As it was a rare ps2 game.was discounted due to no case but only a few quid off.

As above. Take it in and try your luck.
Thanks all, I know they sell games with printed slips but not sure how they get them without the slips, I'll take a walk in & see, the game is Yakuza 2.
For a moment there I thought I was quids in with that game,unfortunately it's the first one I have just dusted off
It should have the barcode and age rating. Other than that you’ll probably be ok.
Yes they tend to buy it for next to nothing and knock up their own covers with an inkjet printer and sell them at full price.
I would sell it on eBay seems to be fetching a price
They took it no problem, I was tempted to sell it on eBay but I'd rather just swap it for the game my son wants and avoid the chance of being scammed.
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