Do CEX buy imported games

Found 14th Mar 2011
Hi does anyone know if CEX buy imported games,thanks.
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they used to, don't know about now though.
No they dont.
My brother asked if they bought region 1 dvd's and was told yes and offered 10p each for titles that were new out..
A member recently said they were able to sell a game for the DS that was inported. Tghe game was Bratz Kids. Do they scan the game or just go off the name? I have never taken a game into CEX and have some inported games that I was going to try and trade.
I had a couple of imported games and a blu ray and the person took them, saw the region code...pointed it out to me and said its not accepted.
What games are they btw?
I think they have stopped it now, but they used too.

Last time I tried was with Demon's souls. Had a bit of a scuffle but they took it in the end as I pointed out some of the games in their shop which they were selling were also region 1 (Silent Hill Homecoming and Warhawk)
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